High purity products critical to the future of the global economy

Critical minerals are necessary to support local and global economies of the future, drive the clean energy transition, and target net-zero emissions. Projections for our products suggest purity levels greater than 99%+ for Vanadium and 99.99%+ for HPA. It’s all about unlocking opportunity through premium products for revolutionary applications.


The next generation mineral

A medium-hard ductile metal, Vanadium is typically used in reinforcing steel alloys. Vanadium alloy’s lightweight characteristics make it ideal for specialty alloys used in the aerospace industry, and its unique chemical properties will enable it to become a preferred choice in the storage of utility-scale energy.

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Crystal clear purity

Known for its extreme hardness, HPA (High Purity Alumina) plays a critical role in creating synthetic sapphire crystals used in LED lights, semiconductors, watch faces, smartphones, and ceramic cathodic separators in lithium-ion batteries.

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