Promoting Australian Research in The Battery Value Chain

Multicom Resources Ltd is a founding and core participant in the Future Battery Industries Co-operative Research Centre (FBICRC). The FBICRC, a $125million initiative, brings together governments, leading academic institutions and progressive industry players to collaborate through research.

Multicom is participating in the following projects.

Battery Materials for a Circular Economy

Advancing Certification and Improving Life-Cycle Impacts for Market Advantage 2020-2024
Research Focus: A quantified environmental basis to ensure traceable, sustainable production of Australian battery minerals, metals and materials.

Project Lead

National Battery Testing Centre

Research Focus: Supporting Australia’s developing battery energy storage industry by developing resources to test batteries both upstream from the battery cell, providing feedback on resource development, and downstream, to test module and pack performance, and the development of safety standards.

Project Lead:

Assessment, Design and Operation of Battery-Supported Electric Mining Vehicles and Machinery

Research Focus: Aims to help the Australian mining industry transition to Battery-Supported Electric Vehicles (BEVs). Focus on reducing costs and carbon emissions, improving reliability and health and safety.

Project Lead:

Process Legacy

Research Focus: To maximise economically viable co-products and minimise repository use for mining and processing operations, all within a regulatory acceptable framework.

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