Creating a better future for all

We embrace sustainability in every sense. It starts with ensuring the health and safety of our people and in how we integrate into our communities and strive to help them collectively thrive. We will champion the creation of cleaner, greener energy through energy storage and we will deliver our projects with the lowest possible environmental impact and a leading effort in carbon reduction. We aim to create a better future – from the ground up.



We have a great responsibility to the land that sustains us. We are embarking on a fully integrated ESG strategy. Going beyond just compliance, this aims to enhance the local environment through habitat restoration and also integrates reduced water consumption and energy saving strategies.

The low impact of our operation and the opportunity for ecological enhancements are evident in the proposed investigation of managing Julia Creek Dunnart habitat, re-establishment of Mitchell Grass Downs and the targeted removal and eradication of Prickly Acacia.

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Multicom’s social license is critical to our success. We believe a thriving business and community should work hand-in-hand. So, we worked hard to engage with the local community early on. Taking the time to understand its culture, where we can add value, and how to ensure our operations and people can best fit in.

Our relationship with the McKinlay Shire Council and Townsville City Council and key stakeholders across the region is a strong recent example of this. We’re just loving our involvement in local events, such as the Julia Creek Dirt ‘n’ Dust Festival and Camp Draft.

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Health and Safety

This goes beyond just having a strong focus on risk management.

From day one health and safety has been priority one. You see it integrated into our approvals, planning studies, site works and contractor relationships. To further formalise this, we’ve developed a rigorous Health and Safety Management System to add to the quality of working life for our employees, contractors and stakeholders.

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We positively contribute to the lives of our people, our communities and the environment through more sustainable activities.