Our community engagement

​Multicom’s social license is a critical element of our success. In accordance with our values, it is imperative that Multicom demonstrates that it is contributing to society and, in particular, enhancing the communities in which we operate.

Early engagement with the McKinlay Shire Council and Townsville City Council has commenced. Collectively we will be establishing a suitable social framework in which we can contribute to those communities as well as fully integrate our operations and our people within those communities.

Multicom will target local employment, engagement and spending as a priority with a view to sustainably developing and growing the local workforce and businesses.

This will extend across the northwest region of Queensland, in particular the corridor from Townsville to Mount Isa, to reflect the long term strategy for Multicom to grow its business in this region.

This engagement will also extend beyond the townships and into the more rural communities, including indigenous communities, to maximise their opportunity for participation in Multicom’s projects.